01 March 2008

Latest Iron Man Trailer

This trailer surfaced on this week on My Space for the upcoming Iron Man movie. I always liked the character of Tony Stark as the flawed hero. The real allure of the Tony Stark/Iron Man character is that even a geek can strap on some high tech armor and become a hero.

For those of you not familiar with the comic, think of Stark/Iron Man as a boozing, womanizing, gad-about version of Batman. Strike that, make that Batman with much more destructive toys. Strike that, think the Great Gatsby in exoarmor. If Jon Favreau did his job and stayed as true to the comic as you can in a movie, it will be all that.

Iron Man opens in theaters on 2 May 08. If this doesn't turn into the Punisher or Fantastic Four, it will be so money...

Iron Man Exclusive Trailer

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