23 May 2007

Ninjas, Ninjas Everywhere and Not a One to Hire.

I am constantly amazed at the number of Ninjas there are sprouting up these days. They seem to be hiding behind every bush and on a majority of You Tube videos. The trend is very disturbing to me because of my understanding of basic economic principles. Follow the logic and see if you come to the same supposition that I have.

The demand for Ninjas has exceeded the past supply of Ninjas; therefore wages for Ninjas would be at a premium. This would make becoming a Ninja an attractive career opportunity for anyone entering the workforce. A secondary market would be created for training Ninjas. Easier access to Ninja training would facilitate more Ninjas entering the workforce. The increasing the number of Ninjas would only elevate their visibility to the public.

The conundrum is why has the demand for Ninjas increased? Historically, Ninjas have been utilized in roles of gathering intelligence, sabotage, or assassination. As we’ve seen there is a rising supply of Ninjas, with that will come a point where supply outstrips demand. Prices for Ninjas will decrease making the services of Ninjas more accessible to the middle class. Ninjas could become as common as MP3 players or flat screen TVs. Fear and trepidation will spread through the populace like wildfire. We will wonder if Ninjas have been hired by the neighborhood association to take you out for shoddy lawn care. Is your fiancĂ© using a Ninja to make sure you are on the straight and narrow? Was that mosquito bite at this weekend’s cookout really a mosquito bite; or some slow acting Ninja poison administered via a Ninja dart?

Folks, see the proof for yourself. This poster was seen hanging on a light pole on your average street in the city of Nashville. Beware citizens, this guy could be training a Ninja with your name emblazoned on his forehead.

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Mike said...

ninjas will kill me!!!!