14 April 2007

Go Speed Racer, GO!

When I was a child there were a few times that I honestly thought my parents would physically harm me. The most memorable time was when I talked Dad into turning off a football game so I could watch Speed Racer. I’m sure Dad just wanted me to quit whining, but he dutifully watched it with me. After the episode was over, I was sitting on the edge of the 70’s style nauga-plush couch wondering who Racer X was and why he had it in for Speed. Dad had a totally different viewing experience. He thought the cartoon was so ludicrous that it almost resulted in violence to his number one son.

Well Dad, I’ve come to redeem myself. Yahoo just reported that Christina Ricci has agreed to play Trixie in the upcoming Speed Racer live action movie. If that wasn’t enough for you Dad, the guys that did the Matrix are writing and directing it. John Goodman is slated in the role of “Pops” and Susan Sarandon will play “Wife of Pops”. There’s no indication at this point who will be taking the role of Chim-Chim. (Dear Wachowski Brothers, if you’re reading this; I would be very interested in the primate’s part…)

If this doesn’t sound like it’s shaping up to be man movie, I’m not sure what is. So Dad, can we PLEASE, give Speed Racer another chance? And this time, please don’t wear your thick leather belt to the theater.

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