12 November 2006

Iron Man, Iron Man; Wherefore Art Thou Iron Man?

I called my astrologer/fish monger yesterday to check out how the stars were aligning for me in the next few weeks. He told me that since Uranus was in the 4th house of Gamma Epsilon Three, it was an advantageous time for me to do the following: Stock up on Gefilte Fish, visit IHOP late at night, and blog on comic related movies. I am a slave to the stars.

For those of you not in the know, Jon Favreau (Who was so money in Swingers) has gotten the go ahead to direct an Iron Man movie. The scuttlebutt is that Robert Downy Jr. will play Tony Stark. Ironic choice, since Tony Stark also had a substance abuse problem. Hopefully, Downy can stay out of jail long enough to start filming.

On Favreau’s My Space blog the following was posted:

“Iron Man will indeed be my next movie. Marvel is distributing it through Paramount which, for those of you playing at home, is also the studio that is developing John Carter of Mars. That project is still a huge priority for me and I am still very much attached to it both as a director and producer.

Iron Man is the first Marvel production under its new distribution arrangement. My hope is that this will be reflected in the quality of the movie. Their films are self-financed and, as a result, don't have to run the typical creative gauntlet of studio development. What Marvel says, goes.

As far as specifics, it will be set in the present and, as you would probably expect, includes a version of the origin story.

I have set up a MySpace discussion group. I will post new info there as things come together. The internet is full of faulty info. I wanted to have at least one place where the facts would be correct.”

Exciting times for those that live in our parent’s basement. I’m also intrigued by the John Carter of Mars reference. This Edgar Rice Burroughs character has had a few brushes with being brought to the big screen in recent years. Hopefully more to come…


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