09 October 2006

Tales Never Told; Part 2

Note to self… Do not tell these stories to your son until he turns 18; or until the statue of limitations runs out.

  • For that.. you’re going to buy me a drink
  • Rules for lounging around on a Sunday morning
  • The car salesman always toots twice
  • Things lost and things found under a sink
  • You’re putting that into a plastic Easter Egg?
  • Whatever you do, don’t look behind the counter
  • My ass just made a sound that would have made Rush Limbaugh cry
  • Old Ladies in Knoxville should never go to Walgreen’s on a Sunday morning
  • East bound and pressed ham down
  • Hello, is anyone in there?
  • Now you’re from where in Mississippi?
  • Come on it’s just a little Haggis
  • What does Emmy Lou Harris eat on her tour bus?

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