29 October 2006

Ross Tarot

BK gets his fortune told

Last night I went to this year’s obligatory Halloween party. It was held at the house of a gentleman that works with Laura. God love him for throwing a well decorated and ghoulishly catered event. The crappy thing was that I didn’t prepare the costume I would have liked to worn. Visions of the Fudgems danced through my head for this year’s costume. Unfortunately, my vision exceeded what I was willing to get off my duff and accomplish. Taking the easy way out, I donned my Detroit Tigers hat, my newly grown goatee, and a Hawaiian shirt and became Thomas Magnum incarnate.

The party had the requisite shop talk, inebriated party hook up wishes, and admissions that would never be made under normal circumstances. The surprise of the evening was our friend Rose was reading Tarot cards for those that dared to look into their future. Generally, I don’t put much stock in such things. Being ranked as the 14th most dangerous man in the world, I pretty much like to think that I create my own fate.

I decided to keep an open mind while my reading was taking place, and apply the principle of the scientific method to the reading. Keep in mind that I or Laura hasn’t talked to Rose in a number of weeks and knew nothing of recent events at the Fort. I thought it would be an interesting experiment to post the basics of my reading and then see if some of the predictions come true in the coming weeks.

Reading basics:

I have gone through a period of worrying about matters at work. This cloud will lift and I will see two opportunities in my career in the very near future. (Odd note, I got a rather large promotion at work on Friday.) People will hit me up for money or court me for favors in the next 2-3 weeks, and someone will try to intimidate me. The intimidation will fall flat (Imagine someone trying to intimidate the 14th most dangerous man in the world, pishaw!) and I will turn it to my advantage. Romance will be in the air and ventures of the heart will go my way. (Once again, was there any doubt that that would come true…) There will be a large celebration in the next month or so. (Easy one with the holidays and my birthday coming up) There were many financial windfalls in the near future. I will see miscommunications in the next few weeks and I shouldn’t plan on setting long term plans into motion before 17 Nov. I will be beset by dung beetles and will bite at my flesh and give me a nasty infection. (Ok that was a very remote chance, but still within the realms of possibilities)

We’ll see in the next few weeks what comes to fruition and what doesn’t. Sounds like more or less smooth sailing through the holidays. I’ll periodically report on the progress of the card’s predictions.

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