21 September 2006

Halloween Costumes for BK

As hard as it is for you to believe, I have actually gotten invited to a Halloween party this year. I tried to reach back into yesteryear and capture the feel of what getting ready for Halloween was like. All I came up with was pleading with my parents for a costume I would never get, reminders that psychos put LSD and razor blades in candy, and never to go into someone’s house when trick or treating. Wow, Halloween as a kid must have sucked.

Being a full grown man of resources and maturity, I have the chance to right the wrongs of Halloweens past. I can be anything I want this year. I would prefer to be invited into some freaky person’s house while trick or treating. And LSD lased razor blades in a Snicker’s bar would only help me to improve my writing.

The only piece of this intricate puzzle is what will BK be for Halloween? I’ve got some ideas, but I’ll need your help to decide. All these options are so boss I can’t make up my mind…
  • Don Rickles as CPO Sharkey
  • Rerun
  • Stealing my father’s sleep apnea mask and being a Chinese Fighter Pilot

Weigh in folks… This means a lot to me…


Bear said...

Being a fan of Halloween(and people STOP SAYING "HOLLOW-EEN!!. It's hallow. Ok?), I can only offer the following:

• Bea Arthur (Maude era)
• Dr. Phil AS Dr. FrankNFurter (Rocky Horror)
• Spiro T. Agnew
• The ghost of Dale Earnhardt
• A Jim Dandy employee zombie
• A hybrid Alice from The Brady Bunch/Alice in Wonderland
• A bathroom attendant (considering your penchant for all things scatological)

Charlie said...

I'd go with the Hybrid Alice, but you must spell Millson with two Ls-together.

Or you could go as a pedophile Cap'n Crunch.

Mommie Dearest said...

Quit your freaking whining! You always got ANY costume you wanted! I think I stil have your da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da Batman costume. You would look fan-freakin-tastic!

BK said...

Gee Mom, why do you have to diss me on my own blog.. I'm going to my room.