11 July 2006

CDC Announces First Case of U.S. Bird Flu in Florida

AP Wire Service
Dateline- 11 July 06; Fantastiga, Florida
Story: CDC officials are baffled by a spontaneous outbreak of the Bird Flu in the Warren G. Harding trailer park.
"I just woke up and they were all dead, dead I tell you. I ain’t seen that much dead pink stuff on my lawn since they came through filming Miami Vice.", said Etta May Johnson a long term resident of the park.
Howard Gitchugome of the CDC suggests that everyone stay away from eating plastic flamingo meat. “If you must eat flamingo, please make sure to heat it to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.”

The CDC also stressed not to panic. Unless you eat raw squab or are listening to Barry White with one of our avian friends you have no chance of catching the bird flu.


flashbna said...

how tragic that those poor birds had to go before their time was up........now what will the gators eat?

WordSmith said...

My beloved flamingos.....dashed before their time!!! This is a tragedy of epic proportions.....just as it happens, I wore my flamingo earrings Laura got me today. I think it's a sign.......