22 June 2006

Legal Notice about the Bruce Campbell My Space Comment

Ok, it is fiction. There was no dwarf and I've never been in the same building that Campbell was in. The last thing I need is a lawsuit from a hacked off midget that actually did shake Bruce's hand at a convention.
If you have no idea about what I'm talking about, Bruce Campbell posted this as a My Space Bulletin:
“Attention Independent Film Organizations Body: For your own promotional benefit, you have a chance to be placed on my Top 8. All you need to do to be recognized is comment on my profile with an essay stating your opinion of how spectacular I am as a human being.”

My response can be found in the comments section here.


Bear said...

And what a funny comment it was. We can only hope the Big Guy himself will admit it.

WordSmith said...

Your comment was not posted....what did it say??? The squirrely need to know....

BK said...

Here are the comments I left on Bruce's page...

Ill rise to the top 8 challenge Bruce

What can be said about Bruce Campbell that hasnt been dreamt of by teenage girls from at least seven countries? Idol, Master Thespian, Humanitarian, Defender of the Faith, and homme avec un poteau en acier qu'un chat ne pourrait pas rayer goes through their tiger beaten minds as their heads hit the pillow. Should the full grown men and women out there think any less of him? I dare any man, living or recently dead, to survive 3 minutes in a steel cage wielding pool cues with the dude with the chin and chain saw. I wouldnt want him to show me any of his stuff in that arena.

Any man that can survive a throng of us geeks at Comic Con, or some such event, is worthy of a double share of praise. I saw Bruce at one Con just shake a midgets hand. Bruce had to kneel to grasp the dwarfs tiny clock makers hand. Brothers and sisters, that tiny man wept miniscule tears of joy at Bruces touch. Somehow I think the dwarfs soul was cleaned in that one moment. Who else could bring light into that small frame? A simple, powerful, and undead ass kicking man named Bruce, thats who.

So tonight, when you are saying your prayers and confessing your sins, throw in a few Hail to the Kings, baby. To the only man in the world that will be able to save us from global warming. Bruce Campbell. Huzzah!

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Good night and God bless.