29 May 2006

Thoughts on Memorial Day

On my way home from work I thought about the concept of Memorial Day. This morning, I had said my silent prayers to all those that have gone before me. But there was still something missing in my reverence to the dead. As maudlin as this may sound, I could see the sun setting off 65 south and began to sort out my blind spot.

I began to realize that while I revere the dead on this day, I had not one care for the living. I had not counted the costs the living had paid for my present existence. Not that I feel my life has been one that has chewed up and spit out the people around me. At least no more so than anyone else who walks out the front door every morning.

I mentally catalogued those I should be revered now. The family and friends that have passed away in this lifetime by time, circumstances, or choice (mine or theirs); crossed my mind. Those that are still in the social land of the living hopefully know what places they hold in my mind. If not, take that as a blanket that covers you all.

The second group I thought of are those I knew that are or have been sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. There are many of folks that I have lost contact with that are there right now. My home and possessions would not pay the price my lost comrades are paying. I hope Ranger Tabs and Airborne Wings truly do keep you warm at night.

If you happen to read this sentimental journey of mine, think about those folks that fall into these categories for you. Most days, our mentality is far a field from this ideal. I think Elvis Costello summed it up best from a song on Goodbye, Cruel World.
And I’m up while the dawn is breaking,
even thought my heart is aching;
I should be drinking a toast to absent friends,
instead of these comedians.”

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WordSmith said...

Well said friend.....and uh...stop feeling guilty.