30 May 2006

My First Million (on Blog Shares)

I day dreamed at work one day about finding the Genie in a bottle. I came to the conclusion that my first wish would be to banish train wrecks from the cosmos. Slipping out of existence right after VH-1 specials and reruns of Dog the Bounty Hunter, would be the game Blog Shares.

For those of you who are not familiar with Blog Shares, it is a free on-line stock market game. The twist is that the “companies” that are traded are actually blogs. The game evaluates each blog based on the number of incoming and outgoing links, as well as traded volume. As of last night, there were 8,443,219 blogs that are indexed and can be traded on this fantasy market.

Almost 8.5 million people’s thoughts being penned on the web, that’s a sobering thought. 8.5 million people wanting to be heard by someone, anyone in the night. What’s an even scarier thought is there are people, like me, buying and selling shares of fantasy stock on the basis of their ideas. I have not been able to come up with what their total valuation process is. This blog is worth a paltry 60 cents a share. While Mel’s Diary is worth $245.62 a share. Go figure.

In picking stocks for my personal portfolio, I draw upon those dusty finance class lessons on P/E ratios and dollar cost averaging. I run the numbers and then I take a look at the actual product. What I have found is that a vast majority of the 8.5 million voices on the net, are mostly cracked. I’ve compiled a list of some of the works speeding along Al’s superhighway that caught my eye.

Maluquet’s blog appears to be by an 18 year-old Brazilian lesbian. I can’t read Portuguese, but I sure liked the pictures. Especially the Merry-Go-Round picture, now that’s art.

Broken Blogic is a blog that hasn’t been updated in a year. However, if I had lifted some of this guys’ work to this blog, most of you would never have known the difference.

A Cambodian Blog named Khmer440: Cambodia Uncovered, with a post on 28 May 06 titled, I Buried Dad in the Jungle

A civil engineer calling herself Dirt Diva extolling the virtues of a CAD program.

Julie Bear just wants us to see nice pictures of Winnie the Pooh and all his friends.

Ratte-Ratte tells us about a wardrobe emergency

Princess Xannlz talks like a sailor and has a story about trying on a two piece when Fed Ex special delivers her monthly bill.

And finally someone here loves Candy

Suddenly, I don’t feel quite so bad…

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