09 May 2006

Coral, Oh Coral...

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The whole impetus to take this trip was to see Coral Castle. (For those of you that don’t know the story of Ed Leedskalnin visit the link above) First of all, I have to thank Sonja for giving me her frequent flyer miles to take this Hajira. It's nice to know that giving does bring happiness to some in this world Virginia.
What drives a man to leave his palatial estate in Nashville and travel to Florida just to see what some freaky Latvian started building 70 years ago? (I’m going to proceed with the assumption that you’ve done your homework with the above link and have read Ed’s back story.) I wanted to go there to remind myself that there are freaky Latvians that do epic things while the rest of us plod along in our daily lives.
If Ed could, why couldn’t the rest of us great? I’m not advocating spending a lifetime building monuments to lost loves using some ancient superpowers given to us in an Oveltine offer. Just some act or work of true substance before I take the dirt nap, would give me my own Coral Castle. Thanks Ed for throwing me into mid life crisis 20 years early.

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