14 April 2006

You put what on your vanity plate?

I do question the wisdom of people from time to time. The inner workings of someone’s mind and motives are their own, but as bloggers aren’t we obliged to probe the surface of such decisions? Since this is on public display and this person chose to pay extra for this, I see no reason not to comment on it in my blog. Should this person read my blog, I welcome defense of your decision.

Minding my own business yesterday I was in Sweet Jane pulling out of my neighborhood. In front of me was a white Acura with the vanity plate of “SS”. That’s all the plate said, just the two letters “SS”. I realize this could have stood for the initials of the car’s owner, “Sexy Siren” or “Super Stud”. Be that as it may, the world has no way of knowing that. Here’s where the questioning of wisdom comes in, since the first thing that came to my mind was:

1. Why would you choose plate name that conjures up images of Hitler’s Schutzstaffel? If you’re a member of the American Nazi Party, I guess this would be your bag.

2. If you’re going to have a vanity plate with “SS” on it, is there any more symbolic color of your car than white? (If only it had been a BMW or a Volkswagen the whole symbolic thing would have been a slam dunk. I just can’t get that lucky most days.)

3. The driver of the car was an elderly woman that looked like she could not only remember Pearl Harbor, but the Maine as well. If by nothing else but life experience, the driver should have been able to connected the dots.

Given all these factors, this person wins the BK, “What were you thinking” award for April. Get in the thinking person's pool or be battered by our wake...

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WordSmith said...

Just some guesses:

Super Slut
Senility Sucks
Suck'em Silly
Slip'n Slide