27 April 2006

Five People You Meet at the Post Office

There are very few different people in this world. I’ve always thought that there are those that are truly original sentient beings. The term “character” comes to mind when describing these humans. The rest of humanity is a cookie cutter personality type taken from about 50-60 stock figures. These ready to bake personalities never stray far from their basic interests or desires. If you think long enough, you can come up with people you know that think and act just like someone else you know. The “Sports Guy” or the “Knitting Queen” in the next cubicle acts much like the “Sports Guy” or “Knitting Queen” at church or the gym.
To add another dimension to the cookie cutter theory, there is some personality Garanimals mixing and matching that goes on. One could be the “Nervous Sports Guy” or the “God’s Gift to Women Sports Guy.” The permutations of Garanimal traits and interest types are endless. Once you see the patterns, you can more easily understand the person.
Not that there is anything wrong with these interests or how they might engulf someone’s life. The commonality of experiences within a cookie cutter group can explain similar traits and actions. The folks that dig NASCAR or dictators, if trapped on an elevator, could easily pass the time until rescued. (I tend to count myself as a Geeky Squirrel.) Part of the common experience comes from specialized events. The NASCAR folks get together and wait for someone to crash against a wall at 200 MPH, while the dictator crowd gathers to bask in the glory of their favorite dictator. So be it.
We get ourselves into trouble when we go out into the big bad world and share common non-specialized experiences. Trips to the Mall, the Grocery Store, the Doctor’s Office, and renewing our tags at the DMV would all count as places everyone, regardless of interest or personality type goes. These also tend to be the very places that conflicts arise. Something about the non-specialized common areas creates doubt and fear when different cookie cutters come together. Tempers flare, feathers get ruffled, and people get nutty.
Tomorrow I have to go to the Post Office and mail a package. I’m not selling off my Dog’s Playing Poker collection, just sending a simple care package to a friend in need. That’s got to be as good a place as any to test this theory out. I’ll report on my findings tomorrow.


WordSmith said...

If you see yourself as a geeky squirrel......interesting....got me to thinking. Here is what I think everyone in the group is:

Me - remember that big German bunny? That's me...more than a handful but totally adorable.

Jerry - the prissy flamenco - a bit off color but you can't help but stare.

Laura - the hoot owl from the tootsie pop commercial...totally cool and a tad bit smarter than everyone else.

Cas - the wacky penquin who tickles the ivories and glaciers alike.

Allie - a cuddly puppy who has just chewed your favorite pair of shoes but you can't be mad because she's so repentant.

Susan - the quiet giraffe chewing a leaf in the corner, who's heads above most everyone thinking, "what a bunch of idiots".

flashbna said...

The Owl is in the fudgepan. Hoot! Hoot!

Cas Countz said...

hummm....i didn't know penquins could play the piano. And don't be fooled....she said that becaue penquins are also short...

Charlie said...

Oh, the owl IS in the fudgepan.

F-ing owl!