28 March 2006

Whatever Happened to the Month of March

Once again that little thing known as inspiration has left me waning more than waxing over the last month. Projects at work, an invasion of stink bugs into Fort Donelson, and an ornery heterosexual life partner all have contributed to my general malaise. To make up for it, I thought I would give an accounting of myself in the historical context of the month of March.
Historical context of March? Have you lost your flipping mind BK? Well since that is a matter of conjecture, I will attempt to explain to keep the guys in white coats with butterfly nets at bay.
In my younger years, I had always looked forward to the month of March. The month of March has always been a poem, a stink, a grating noise, a quality of light, a tone, a habit, a nostalgia, a dream. (Thanks JS , imitation and flattery and all that) In recent years, I’ve grown to think that the month of March has lost its power. I could always count on something major happening in the month of March; recently not so much. Maybe I’m looking at the world through Peter Pan glasses where action and adventure were waiting to pounce on me. Maybe there has been a pole shift and the magnetic forces of the Spring Equinox have changed enough to limit the magical qualities of the month.
Since I’m fond of bullet points, I present to you some of the things that have happened in the month of March.
  • March has always been a good month for me and the ladies. Never having been on to kiss and tell in such a public forum as this, I’ll keep it vague. From the time of my first kiss, I could always count on March to serve up an interesting escapade. For $1.99 a minute, you can call me and I’ll recount some of those tales for you.

  • In 1995 (at least I think it was 1995), I spent a week in New Orleans. The week was spent at a trade show with “The Store” and I learned these lessons: 1. NOLA has hookers that will try to prey on drunk young men (thanks for saving me from that fate Bear) 2. Drunken cops should not carry firearms in the French Quarter 3. Dog Tags can be flushed down a toilet. 4. Its not worth the extra $25 to see what’s going on in the back room. 5. There use to be a USA Today stand at Bourbon and Conte that I stained yellow. 6. Cap drivers do not like being called Abdullah and having someone shout FASTER FASTER to them.

  • I discovered Dune, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Cannery Row, and Jitterbug Perfume in March.

  • Michael Penn’s Album March is still one of my favorites.

  • Speaking of, I got to take my epic road trip from LA to Monterey in March. Highlights from that trip were: 1. Seeing how erosion works first hand in Los Padres National Forrest 2. A trip to the Bear Flag 3. Watching the sunset over Monterey Bay 4. A freakish water tower that looks like a golf ball on a tee in Gonzales. 5. A never ending search for a hotel room and the virtues of a rental car.

  • Of greatest importance, my son was born on March 14th. This is a rather interesting day for my offspring to be born. It’s not only Einstein’s birthday, but also the day Jacque de Molay died. Go figure out the portents of that particular March day and its implications. If you have a few days. let me tell you about the best little boy in the world….

  • This year, a trip to Reelfoot Lake laced with Wild Turkey created a backroom deals with implications that will last a lifetime…

Ok, so maybe March hasn’t changed. It’s still the same month of odd acts and interesting evens as it always has been. It’s just this damnable process of “growing up” that makes it look different. What’s this getting older and having priorities change thing about? Don’t you hate it when your premise gets shot down and you come to the ABC After School Special conclusion?
Just ride the wave Brian. I can already see a far future March with me looking up at the sky through bifocaled eyes. Trying hard to catch a glimpse of the third star from the right, and thinking back on all the Marches I have yet to see…