10 January 2006

Let the Jackson School System eat Haggis

I’m not looking forward to the day that someone will have to pry "something" out of my cold dead hands. The sentiment is not for me, you understand. By the time some poor schmuck is breaking my death grip; I’ll be facing my heart, a feather, a scale and a half-man/half crocodile intent on eating my soul. My fate having been decided, the guy breaking up the rigor is who I pity. Today, that lucky EMT or undertaker’s list of things that might be in my hands when Grim comes a knocking was reduced by one. After tonight, there is no reason I will need to clutch a kilt when the Great Architect calls me home.
If you will, recall the tale of Nathan Warmack in my Outlaw Kilts post. Nathan’s right to wear a kilt at Jackson, MO school district functions was validated tonight. The superintendent of the school system formally apologized to Nathan for baring his entrance to a school dance for wearing a kilt. (I’m not going to rewrite news articles, so click here to get up to speed on what happened today. I must admit, I was asleep at the wheel. Thanks Reelfoot Sara for giving me a head’s up on these events.)
I’m sure everyone can tell that I’m not feeling long winded tonight. But out of each victory, an after action report must be done. I might expound on these points later, but for now take the bullet points and sleep on them.
1. All the news articles I’ve read have made no mention of Principal McClard saying jack. Own up to your bad judgment McClard; don’t let your Superintendent eat your plate of crow.
2. Where the heck is the ACLU in all this? A search of their web site will show no hits on Nathan Warmack or kilt. I’ll let you figure this out. Their web site has a blurb on this teenager being a “True Patriot” for participating in a lawsuit against the Colorado School system’s regulation requiring students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance daily. The august body at the ACLU must have just missed this news story.
3. The moral of the story is that you never, ever screw with a man in a kilt.

Chalk one up for the good guys. Nathan, you’ve got some stones lad. For that, when you turn 21, the first Glenfiddich Gran Reserva is on me. Congratulation to you and everyone that helped you reclaims your right to observe your Scottish Heritage.
As for me, I will have to call Charlston Heston and figure out something else I can clutch when passing into that good night.

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Anonymous said...

It's a proven fact that the fluffy tale of a minx could truly be the glory glove that fits the sweaty palm before passing from this sordid life into the next one. Kids, don't try this without parental consent.