22 December 2005

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam Spam

I am indebted to all those spammers out there that enrich my life with offers for Viagra, Johnson enlargements, and stock options for gold mines in Zimbabwe. As homage to all those farmers of e-mail addresses, hucksters of miracle products, and services the government doesn’t want you to know about; I’ve composed a list of some of my favorite spam subject lines designed to get around my e-mail blockers.

A rain on December shipping
Abrupt; its magnesium chess
Arrgh! Horseflesh of sterno and gauze
Caviar cock
Charisma it’s a crater
Cheerful, lignum and bureaucracy
Disperse a Brent!
Go eat a dwarf
Have cough no excesses
He watches the peninsula
Lustful died an indulgent
On begin he conundrum vaginal
Or teach my putty roundelay
Psychopath the Margery and age
Rowdy in bronze industry
Scratchy may yuck may bordello
Squeak it's a bottle loam mixture council
Storms reawaken you
Swastika, see Armenian threesome

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