17 December 2005

Canned Memories

     So the thought of Tales Never Told has given me yet another inspiration.  Since the Everyday Conspiracies post went over like a lead balloon for a monthly topic… Let’s try again shall we?  Your part of the barging is coming up with a title of a tale.  I in turn will take some of the tale titles and create a real life event to fit the title.  No past events will count, only a future event that I will weave into my life to fit the title.  If I lived in New York or LA, I think this would be called performance art.  Since I’m from the South, we’ll just call it a hootenanny.
     There has to be rules.  If Candy Land has rules, so can my blog and the things that go on here.  They are simple and to the point.  I get to choose which titles and how I live them out.  Easy enough.  Since I’m the one doing the deeds, it’s my game.    
    Here’s a good example of how this might work.  Some wise acre might chime in with “Donkey stinky doodles aren’t for breakfast anymore”.  The obvious solution to this is to decline on sanitary grounds.  However, maybe I go to a petting zoo with a Baby Ruth in my pocket and pull a Caddyshack.  (If you don’t get the reference, you may never ever return to this site again.  The Internet is a wonderful thing and I have written HTML code that will figure out if you got that and if not, boot you from the site the next time you try to return.) Title given, story created and executed, exploit written about on the blog and high jinks ensue.  Think hard folks, and give me something to work with.


lewismiller3571 said...
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Bear said...

Ok, you asked for it. Howzabout: Wayne Newton Loves IHOP More Than Life Itself.

Bear said...

Ok, you asked for it. Howzabout: Wayne Newton Destroys IHOP in Atkins Rage.